Amherst Bulletin/Friday, April 17, 1998

“Thanks For Help After Dad’s Death”

To the Bulletin:

Last month we had the difficult but very proud experience of putting our dad, retired Massachusetts State Police Captain Bohdan “Bill” Boluch, to rest in the Ukrainian Holy Ghost cemetery in Whately. Bill unexpectedly passed away in our home in Southern California, where he had spent many enjoyable winter months living with us since 1982. Unfortunately, during the initial stage of making the funeral arrangements, we had to experience unethical business practices by a prominent Southern California funeral home. They were opportunists during a very grievous time who tried to cheat us by selling us unnecessary and very expensive services.

Conversely, there were several individuals who showed us the good will that we can all be proud of. There was on person who was head and shoulders above the rest, Ron Lashway of the Dougalss Funeral Home. Amherst should be very proud to have a man of Lashway’s integrity. Because of the lasting warm and meaningful rich memory of Bill’s services, his family and friends are now coping much easier.

Ron, after you thanked us for trusting you with Bill, we wanted you to know that from coast to coast, you are the best at what you do by being a true professional and friend.

Bruce and Martha Feng
La Canada, California