Funeral Services:

At some time in our lives, all of us will be involved in the making of funeral arrangements. The funeral service is a ritualistic ceremony, in which we are able to begin to say good-bye to someone who has been an important part of our life. The dignified, caring, compassionate manner in which this is done is what will allow us to move on in our journey. A trusting and meaningful relationship with your funeral director will assure you that this will happen. Ask him questions; express your thoughts, and seek his consultation. He is there to help you, and you are the most important person to him at that time. As your relationship with the deceased was unique; so should the funeral service be just as unique. Create this personalization with the experience and expertise that our staff has.

When death occurs, no one is ever prepared. Doctors or other health care providers can tell us; but at the actual time we can become overwhelmed. This is when the services of our staff here at Douglass Funeral Service become extremely important. We will walk with you step by step from the initial contact, through the planning, the actual services, and continue to guide you with information regarding probate, benefits you may be entitled, and refer you tot the people who can best resolve your particular situation. We will work as a partner with you in planning, including your clergy in the talks if you wish, or if you are not associated with a church, we have an extremely good working relationship with the local clergy who profess our thoughts of serving you at your time of need. Experts estimate funeral directors coordinate more than 200 activities in two or three days. However many there are, we at Douglass will be there to coordinate them for you, and we will continue to be there after the services. Our presence does not disappear at the cemetery.

Last of all we are very proud to say we have never refused services to a family, regardless of financial situation, religious factors, or causes of death.