Ronald Lashway Sr.
Licensed Funeral Director / Owner

Ron has been in funeral service for 35+ years. Each day still brings new challenges, and each service provides new knowledge. He has a particular expertise in benefits due to survivors and the guidelines allowable for pre-planning. He is a good listener; which translates into providing the details important to families. Ron is able to piece together the individual details that as a whole, provide the family with direction and closure at the end of the funeral service.

Cynthia Lashway

Ronald Lashway Jr.

Supporting Staff
Staff members of Douglass Funeral Service are caring and experienced professionals who understand that each family is unique and has personal requests and traditions. These requests and traditions are of utmost importance to our team. Most families believe that the questions they have are not worth asking, or they should know the answers. It is in convincing them to ask these questions, that allows the staff to be attentive the to small but, extremely important moments during the service.